There are many ways to measure the depth of our emotional maturity. One way is in examining how we solve problems and make decisions. Another way is the manner in which we deal with transitional experiences; when and how they are dealt to us.

Our comprehension, responsiveness and overall coping ability continue to grow and change at every stage of life. We accumulate knowledge and insight, by absorbing the teachings and beliefs we inherit from others. As we are maturing, we supplement that base of knowledge with our own, first hand experience of success and failure, with all the accompanying feelings of joy and pain that arrive with each reward or consequence..

from the article on change...the origin of TheTransitionProcess TM

Clients come to Transitions seeking support and cognitive clarity around a wide range of issues. My role is to provide you with a unique form of consulting support and decision making techniques to simply clear the frustrating fog of indecision we all experience from time to time.

My work is considered short-term cognitive consulting. The majority of my clients are referred to me by other clients, their families, friends and professional colleagues, as well as medical and legal professionals familiar with my work. I cherish my long term relationship with all of them, and have continued to be available to them for many years..

A complementary intake session by phone is always suggested as a preliminary overview of your issues, and an effective way for my clients to experience first hand what it may be like to work with me.

Session are scheduled by appointment in a personal, confidential and supportive approach, tailored to each person's individual needs.

I look forward to sharing my Transitions site with you, for your reference and possible interest in TheTransitionProcessTM and working with me...

Eve Bernshaw

We get what we focus on.

The problem... or the solution.

We make the choice between them with every decision we make.

The choice is ours...choose well.

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TRANSITIONS, as a private practice, training and consulting firm, has a primary focus of teaching individuals a unique decision-making technique called TheTransitionProcessTM. Please note the teaching of & support given in facilitating this process should not be construed in any manner, as psychotherapy, and TTP author & facilitator, Eve K. Bernshaw is a AIP Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is not a licensed psychotherapist.
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