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Unlike traditional forms of career counseling TheTransitionProcess™ is considered a short-term, cognitive approach to clarifying and attaining a career path that is truly congruent with who you are. There are no assessment tests or elaborate matrix programs to comprehend or complete.

TheTransitionProcess™ was originally developed as a simple 1, 2, 3 decision-making tool for executive clients in corporate burnout. It's success is in it's simplicity as a tool for all decision-making. Not just career choices. It can be taught and utilized within minutes. SEE How it got started page and HOW it works pages.

TheTransitionProcessTM helps you focus on WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE, not just your career. It helps you finally see and create A positive vision for your future, and then helps you develop a path to get here.

TheTransitionProcess™ has successfully been used in private practice, corporate and organizational settings since 1997 and the last 20 years in consultancy.

TheTransitionProcess™ has been used by executives and professionals in mid-career transition as well as retirees re-focusing their contribution to society. It is the perfect tool for college and post-grad students evaluating their degree path, and has even been taught in high school settings.

If you are stuck in your current career or education evaluation process please read the Article on Change AND call for an evaluation of your current decision process.

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TRANSITIONS, as a private practice, training and consulting firm, has a primary focus of teaching individuals a unique decision-making technique called TheTransitionProcessTM. Please note the teaching of & support given in facilitating this process should not be construed in any manner, as psychotherapy, and TTP author & facilitator, Eve K. Bernshaw is a AIP Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is not a licensed psychotherapist.
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