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TheTransitionProcess TM

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TheTransitionProcess™ (TTP) is facilitated in private practice consulting sessions, ongoing men and women support groups, lectures, workshops and organizational programs. See Scope of Service.

What Is It?

A process developed to illuminate our cognitive understanding of the core beliefs behind our fear of change. The process supports us in accepting the inevitable dynamics of change, while teaching us how to transform fear of the unknown into an enthusiastic embrace of anticipation. As we begin to see the role our beliefs play in every decision we make, we realize we already own the power of choice, and indeed orchestrate our future with each current decision.

We can choose between beliefs that support us in creating what we want, or be controlled by inherited, and erroneous fear based beliefs that ultimately prevent us from expressing who we innately are. The process is a tool that can create freedom, in any form you can imagine.

How It Works

TTP should not be confuse with forms of traditional psychotherapy. The process is used as a unique consulting and teaching technique; one that offers a new cognitive approach to unblocking learned behavioral patterns. This simple and humanistic process supports and guides on an individual basis.

We learn where we may have sabotaged our own growth by finally understanding the origin and reasons behind our patterns of belief and behavior. As we learn to identify our core issues we will become able to discard inherited fear based beliefs that may have kept us in emotional bondage.

By using this process as a decision making tool, we become armed with a simple ( 1, 2, 3) understanding of how to acknowledge, evaluate and choose functional decisions. The template of the process helps us focus our attention on our intention, as we develop and acquirer our envisioned goals. By using this process we become naturally motivated by our own, unique potential, and now have the tools to create a future, congruent with our imagined dreams.


The Origins of TheTransitionProcess™

How a simple, yet powerful process was born out of the desperation of a few good people.

It started as a simple consulting tool to assist a client process through negative beliefs and blocks that were inhibiting our development process of a new venture. It became apparent how many of our executive clients were struggling with similar esteem issues, as the result of the upheaval in the corporate workplace.

Here we had brilliant, experienced upper management executives, exhibiting zero motivation for the first time in their professional life. Men and women encased in shell-shocked bodies of fear and anxiety, thinly veiled in personas that were once in control, and functioning. They were the displaced, burned out executives, from the rank, file and fallout of corporate America. They had become the end product, the final human residue of a corporate merger, acquisition or down sizing.

Often the delineation between their emotional net worth and their financial got confused, and when their positions were dismissed, in their minds, so were they. As much as they tried, indecision, confusion and self doubts could not be contained within their perceived professional cocoon. As their fear finally leaked into the family structure, those without the supportive womb of understanding were even more displaced. They had no other vision of themselves beyond that associated with the company. And when that image faded, there was no other to take its' place. There was no future without a vision, and without a vision, no matter how meager or strained, they could not take that necessary first step in articulating what they wanted for a future.

Like a town ravaged by war, the first order of business was to clear the debris of fear and erroneous beliefs that had permeated their every thought. Equally important was the new creation of a frame, a big picture perspective that could hold an infinite number of possible realities. Visions, intentions and goals needed a solid and safe framework to grow within. At this stage, they had nothing to lose. They gambled with their memory of what trust felt like, that anything may be possible. They tried to change their focus from problem to solution, and slowly a process of transition and hope was born.

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TRANSITIONS, as a private practice, training and consulting firm, has a primary focus of teaching individuals a unique decision-making technique called TheTransitionProcessTM. Please note the teaching of & support given in facilitating this process should not be construed in any manner, as psychotherapy, and TTP author & facilitator, Eve K. Bernshaw is a AIP Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is not a licensed psychotherapist.
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