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How to attract emotionally healthy people...

.....A fascinating and enlightening evening
for singles and couples who are serious about
creating more emotional intimacy in their lives.....

In this interactive lecture you will learn the secretes of couples who have created long term romantic intimacy & emotional commitment in their love affair marriages. You will also learn other innovative communication techniques that create satisfying and fulfilling relationships in both your professional and personal life.

Learn how not to be afraid of telling YOUR truth, and really ask for what you want.

Understand the top 20 reasons relationships succeed, and fail. Learn the TTP™ hierarchy of a functional relationship that can guarantee more satisfying and effective communication with everyone in your life.

Finally understand what it takes to attract, recognize and then contribute to an emotionally healthy and fully functional relationship.

Understand the real reasons behind the dissolution of past relationships. Become clear about why you may seem to attract unavailable or abusive partners. Understand what your role and responsibility is in creating and communicating your needs and your boundaries.

Tuition includes materials and a private post lecture phone session Pre-registration is suggested for this intimate, interactive lecture format.

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Are you stuck making certain decisions in you life?
THE DECISION WORKSHOP may be for you....

Are you tired of not knowing what your next step is, because you are afraid of making the wrong decision? If your work or relationships are just not what you had dreamed of, this class may be for you.

Did you know that effective decision-making is a learned behavioral skill that can be developed or enhanced by anyone, at any age?

Did you know that the individual way in which
you make decisions is significant to your success?

In this workshop you will finally understand why you may hate change, and learn how to finally look forward to it & embrace it forever. You will discover and become clear about your core beliefs, & how they have influenced every decision you have ever made.

In this dynamic & inspirational 4 hour workshop you will learn TheTransitionProcessTM decision making techniques that will give you the clarity to consistently create successful decisions. Any type of decision, anytime, anyplace with anyone. Functional decisions, that automatically move you towards your vision of the future.

Learn to make an invaluable 1,2,3 second judgment call that will produce an effective decision, every time! ~ You will also create that vision of the future or Big Picture Perspective, and a map to get there. You will learn to discard negative beliefs and triggers: the people, places and things that keep you stuck, feeling out of control.

We also explore how to create your vocation of destiny and how to attract emotionally healthy people

Tuition includes TheTransitionProcessTM Workbook /Journal & a pre and post- workshop private phone session

CONTACT OFFICE FOR SCHEDULE. Pre-registration is necessary as workshop is a limited participant program.

Note: If you feel you are not quite ready for this intensive , consider attending The Introduction to TheTransitionProcessTM......

An Introduction to ...

An overview of the principles, theory and template of TheTransitionProcessTM
and Functional Decision-Making....

...comments from participants...

"The process you have awaken me to has changed my life. I see things more as a challenge now rather than insurmountable difficulties, or horrible things that are visited upon me because I am such a bad person. Its like an amazing release. I no longer feel like an unworthy person . I am no longer a victim. Now I see it as... here are the challenges and now what am I going to do about it. "

"I learned an easy secret at The Decision Workshop, and it has affected each decision and every day of my life since. I ask myself if I am moving toward my goal or away from what I don't like or don't want. It is that simple, and that wonderful insight in combination with the family of insights in the course have helped me focus my life to the exact point I want it to be at. "

" In one evening, I got more insight on why my life has been on hold, Than all my years of counseling."

" Your process helped me get beyond problems. It transcends the sticky impossible conflicts by reframing and allowing solutions "

"The process motivated me to take some fundamental actions & make concrete decisions in areas I have been treading water & procrastinating in "

"Dynamic & inspirational training. Very informative. Just the information I needed "

"Your class was an eye opening and freeing experience. It was like you just gave me permission to be me "

"This process gives you tools to make it! Career, relationships and desires of the heart "

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TRANSITIONS, as a private practice, training and consulting firm, has a primary focus of teaching individuals a unique decision-making technique called TheTransitionProcessTM. Please note the teaching of & support given in facilitating this process should not be construed in any manner, as psychotherapy, and TTP author & facilitator, Eve K. Bernshaw is a AIP Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is not a licensed psychotherapist.
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