New Venture Development

New Venture Development Consulting
by Eve Bernshaw

Have an entrepreneurial idea? Want to start, analyze OR redesign a business plan?

Clients quickly benefit from this clear and innovative and approach to business development.
Using TheTransitionProcess™ in conjunction with 35 years of business development, marketing and financial planning clients quickly move forward. Using steps necessary to pragmatically
achieve the realization of their own creative vision.

Just starting out or stuck in neutral.....

There is a how-to formula for the new entrepreneur based on simple principles of marketing, motivation and business management.

Regain the enthusiasm and perspective necessary to move your business and or training programs up and beyond the level of your successful competitors.

You had that great idea… went out, and may or may not have had experience in your field, or even invested in your training. What they did not tell you is what to expect when you find yourself stuck. Learn how to keep moving forward when you got stuck & how to not just run a day to day operation but how to beat the competition.

Love your business but hate to sell?

Get a head start and hit the ground running without wasting any more money and time spinning your wheels. Notice were your fear is . If it is being focused on your fear of selling yourself or your service, it may be time to invest in an attitude and vision overhaul. Ask yourself what it was that got you into this field in the first place, and then call for an evaluation of what to do next.

If your focus is on the problems, that’s probably why you’re stuck .

Get the help you need now, to simply and quickly re-develop a business and marketing plan that works for you in your unique business . Learn to love promoting yourself and what you uniquely have to offer.

If you are stuck in neutral not knowing why your business is not blooming when your passion for it still wants to get up and go, call for a complementary evaluation of what you may or may not be doing that has kept you stuck .

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TRANSITIONS, as a private practice, training and consulting firm, has a primary focus of teaching individuals a unique decision-making technique called TheTransitionProcessTM. Please note the teaching of & support given in facilitating this process should not be construed in any manner, as psychotherapy, and TTP author & facilitator, Eve K. Bernshaw is a AIP Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and is not a licensed psychotherapist.
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